Friday, October 17, 2008

Then Phantom Menace

So I've been having a lot of pain in my left knee for some reason this week.I've had three surgeries on it already and every once and a while it aches. Sure I have been hiking and played a little football but this time it seemed a little different. Kinda like it I wasn't the one experiencing it, you know like a phantom pain. Like if you lost a finger but you could still feel it. But I finally figured it out. Tom Brady had had a second surgery on his left knee this week, hence the pain i felt. Go figure, I guess Tom Brady and I are connected at the knee

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The food alone is worth the trip!

Man I hate getting up early, especially when you only went to sleep a few hours before. But it was for a good cause. We decided to go to our friend nick's farewell in Bozeman,MT. The weather didn't really think it was a good idea though. We made it to West Yellowstone(its south of north yellowstone) and the roads were just terrible so we decided to turn back. But of course we stopped for breakfast at this little place called "the running bear pancake house and something about dinner...." oh i remember the sign said dinners, probaly to avoid panic with the local folk thinking the had to rush there to get the one dinner that they served everyday. Anyways it was way good, i got the daggum biscuts and gravy. Wayne got the band aid flavored chocolate milk and a side of hash browns to go with his hash browns. Then we ate, made fun of Jamie for a while and then headed back. Everybody slept the whole way back, and by everyone i mean everyone. I was driving but i caught a few minutes of sleep thanks to my good ol buddy cruise control. Really its like auto pilot for cars, you can turn it on and then walk back and talk to all the passengers, hit on the stewardess and then walk back up and everything is still A-OK cause Mr. Autopilt had your back.

Anyhoo i that was about all i did today, oh watched football most of the day. OH and I wore my church clothes all day. Thats a first for a long long time.