Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sharp Scooters, Don't Touch

Oh hey there, just here for my 6 month check in, and no I did not floss......or did I. Hahahaha nah, I didn't. Anyways everyone keeps bothering me to blog more. OK fine one person does but she says it quite often. OK fine, she said it once but you could imagine if she said it more often.
So I haven't shaved for two weeks. I'm pretty sure that is the longest I have ever gone without shaving in my entire life. Well except for the first 21 years of my life. Yep, never saw a razor until I had my first beer....jk jk I saw my Dad use one once. But I didn't really know what it was used for. In fact I remember packing for my mission and reading the things to bring and it said to bring a razor. I read it twice just to make sure. I was surprised the wanted me to take that, but hey I do what I'm told. So as I was putting my razor scooter into my luggage my Mom asked me why I was taking that. And I told I wasn't sure but I was guessing that maybe you could choose either a scooter or a bike. Or maybe it was like a back up so if your bike got stolen or maybe just for a nice change of pace. You know too far to walk there but too close to bike. That's when she explained to me what they meant and the had my Dad show me how to shave. Boy was my face red. Not only cause I was embarrassed about the whole scooter thing but also the razor burn. Worst day of my life.
Anyways back to me not shaving for two weeks. I was really hoping that this thing would turn into a nice beard so I could finally live out the dream that Zach had where I had a full beard and I was an umpire in a MLB baseball game and would dance when I called balls or strikes. But I don't think its going to happen. Maybe I could just get it long enough to do like a comb over....too gross? I mean I'm still getting hit on by single moms so it can't be that nasty yet. I can grow a mean mustache but that's about it. And every day I mustache myself if I should shave or not. So I guess if this was a football injury report my facial hair would be listed as day to day.......
Also if I shaved it into just a mustache I would wear some thick black rimmed glasses. I already have the big nose so it would look like those cheap disguise things you buy. Man that would be awesome! I could walk around and no one would know who I was.