Tuesday, March 31, 2009

People watching.

People are funny. The end, but seriously. Look at Zach, some might think he is mean but hes a riot. He uses sarcasm the way it is supposed to be used, to make people think you hate them. Ford is the funniest person I know, hands down. Quinn is funny looking, I could go on but you get where I am going with this. People are just funny. Especially random people. Cause I'm sure that 90% of them don't mean to be but I find it funny. Here are a couple examples:
Example 1: This is a post I found on craigslist.
Motel 6 doesn't get ABC! Can you believe it? I've been here on business from Boise, and would love to watch lost with some fans-, well adjusted, non-scary fans, that is. My wife would be upset if I died trying to watch lost.
I can bring soda or green jello. Ok, soda.
Please email me if you want company. Jared
I think Jared here is in the 10% that means to be funny, and he is. I think I might email him and see if he wants to hang out.
Example 2: This guy isn't in the 10%. At work today I watched this guy examine and poke all the parts I have hanging on the wall in our pro shop. He would get real close and just tap it. Everything! It didn't matter if it was metal, rubber or our secretary. He was like he had just been thawed like Brenden Frasier from Encino Man and had no idea what all this stuff was.
Example 3: Our neighbors. They make this list only because we think we are funny. They have to think we are the weirdest people ever. Our door has a plastic rat hanging from it. We took a shirt, pants, and gloves and laid them out in front of their door as if it was a person lying there. We continually put our furbies in the hall. Every time we hear them opening their door we shut off our lights and look through the cracks of the door at them and shine a laser pointer at them. Last night as I was walking in the door started to open, me thinking it was Zach or Ford started pretending to sneak in but it was our neighbor. Sure I could have started acting normal or said hi but I continued to "sneak" the rest of the way in. And then there was when we left dog food and water out for the other neighbors dog, but that's a whole different story.
And that was another observation in a life in the day of Thome.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fonzie scheme

A lot of people lately have been asking why I do what I do. Is it for the kids, they say. Or is it for the betterment of mankind, they ponder aloud. All I can do is sit there and chuckle to my self(ctms for all you texters out there) as they throw out all these scenarios for doing what I do, cause really I am just doing it to get the girls. duh.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Attack of the Clones.

I think Tom Brady had a bit of a setback today with his knee.( see a life in the day of Thome, post #4, Friday, October 17, 2008)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

An age old question

If I were a hot dog would I eat myself?

The answer is yes, yes I would.
Now I am off to forage for some food.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mahana you ugly!

If you are a fan of the Beatles you are probably familiar with all the subliminal messages associated with their music. But I think I just stumbled across one and it.....is......HUGE! In the song "Can't buy me love" I believe Paul and John were talking about overthrowing the free market based on hard currency. Ya, I know. HUGE.
A casual listener might listen to this song and think it is about how said songwriters are in love and are wishing to express said love. To the hopeless romantics out there the simple lyric of "money can't buy me love" almost shuts down their entire nervous system leaving them in a state of complete and utter uselessness prime for the "sweeping off their feet" move. But us heartless romantics out there know something just isn't right about this. Money can and will buy you love(see pinnacle, apx, golden climax and Billie Joel). So what are you up to Sir Paul?
As we look at the lyrics, Paul offers to buy her a diamond ring, IF that would make you feel alright. He then offers to get anything, IF that would make you feel alright. But then he changes his tone a bit, he says "I don't care too much for money, cause money can't buy me love" Now here is where he interjects his radical thinking of .......THE BARTER SYSTEM! He hits you with these two lines "I'll give you all I got to give if you say you love me too" and "I may not have a lot to give but what I got I'll give to you" before you know it you are standing there with 3 goats and a used ticket to the Ed Sullivan Show while Paul and Lennon ride off into the sunset with your love. Coincidence? I think not! If you play the song backwards during the line "I may not have a lot to give but what I got I'll give to you" you can distinctly here John saying "here, take these goats"
On a side note, I really like the idea of the barter system. I mean, it did work out for Johnny Lingo.
And that is another mystery solved in the Life in the day of Thome!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why I love sundays

I am copying Amy but its okay cause we are besties

Not hydroplaning off the road on the way to church.
Sacrament meeting talks by the branch president and stake president.
Gospel Principles class.
Being on missionary council.
My stake president randomly giving me a loaf of bread. It tastes good.
Pain meds that work even though my cold meds don't.
Cuddling with Baby Holland.
How Cassidy just jumps when she's excited.
Chicken nuggets.
Watching Pokemon DP because it is the only thing that calms all of the kids down.
Text conversations.
Friends on missions.
Friends who are getting ready to go on missions.
Missionaries in general.
"So I heard there were brownies."
"Are those brownies in that bag?"
"Maybe I should just always carry around brownies to give to people." "That would be a good idea."
Jordan listening to me talk about my concerns about the branch and giving advice even though council meeting was over and he probably wanted to go home.
Riding home from church with Jason.
People who share my excitement with me.
FHE and half price apps.
Church in general.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hellz Ya!

So hell is my new favorite word. Get over it. I really don't see hell as a swear word. I know, I know, you're saying right now but, but, but it is. And while your reasoning is bulletproof, I just don't agree. I'm not dissing heck either, just saying it doesn't always get the point across. Here are some of my favorite usages.
In agreement: "Do you want to go to Horkleys?" "Hellz ya!"
When asked to make a decision: "Ah hell, I don't know"
When speaking as English Tom Widdison: "ah bloody hell, that ref wouldn't know a yellow card from a red card if I shoved it up his fookin arse and showed him"
When someone does something that I don't understand "What in THE hell are you ......."(the emphasis on the is very, very important)
When responding no to a question "Hell no!'
Or how I say it around little kids. Example one "ah H E double hockey sticks" Example two: "Helllllllo operator I need the number for the book depository."
In church: " And woe unto the liar for he shall be thrust down to hell"
Giving directions: "Go to hell......street. mmmmmkay, and when you get there you're going to want to take a right. Don't do it, go left instead and it will be right in front of you."
When I touch something hot "HOLY HELL THAT'S HOT!"

Well those are just a few of my favorite things......to say with the word hell. So please don't get offended if and when I use it around you.