Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the projects

So i've had a couple of interesting lifes since the last post. On saturlife we went to the eastern idaho state fair. Talk about some interesting people. There was this one chick that at first I thought her arm was in a sling for some sort of injury. nope, turns out she was just dressed really slutty. go figure. Then came HYPNODAWG! His accent was cool but i saw right through his shenanigins. At one point he convinces the people he hypnotized that they couldn't see him and that there were ghosts on stage. He then walks around with a rubber chicken as if it is floating around and they all get scared. Give me a break. Its all smoke and mirrors if you will. I've done this trick to my nephews hundreds of times. First you hold out the chicken, make some dumb noise(either a woooooh noise or you talk like a priate) and then while they are looking at the chicken you slap them in the face real hard! makes them cry everytime.
Sunday was the opening day of the NFL season. Usually i go to bed that night all warm and fuzzy but this year was different. I cried myself to sleep over Tom Brady. What can I say that sucked. but I'm still excited for the season and fantasy football 08. I did make a bonehead move not starting Mcnabb but i gave everyone a freebie and now will start beating them like the little girls they are and enjoy watching them cry about it. And if that doesn't happen I'll pull out the ol rubber chicken trick. Either way they will cry.
Also Ford and I have decided to move into the projects of rexburg. It is straight up d-town r-burg man. while were looking at the apartment we heard gunshots. no joke! But it was probaly just the thai people downstairs killing animals for their resturant. what ev. tune in next time for another life in the day of thome!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Oh hello, I didn't see you sitting there. I know what you are thinking, Thome you switched the words life and day...silly you. Nay I say! I believe that in every day you have a life. let me tell you about my "life" today:
I woke up, something I do just about everyday. I am supposed to be at work at 8:30 so thats when i wake up. I mill around for a while trying to find my keys cause who knows where i put them the night before. Then i drive to work, it takes about 15 minutes. So by this time its about 10 to 9. every few days my boss reminds me that I should be here on time and I usually say "okay, tomorrow i will be" Now thats not a blatent lie cause until tomorrow at 8:30 i fully intend on coming early but whatev. work was somewhat slow but thats fine cause I entertain my self with my little war with the mice that have overrun our building. Let me tell you , they are crafty little bastards. But I'm winning. I've only had the trap go off and get my fingers once so in your face mice.
After Work I went hunting with my buddy asian ryan(kind of mean of his parents to name him that huh?) That was a nice getaway, I always love being up in the forest. I wish i could spend more time up there. Then later we(Quinn, SAc and I) went and saw Harper. We listened as she told us the stories of how she defeated Thom York and his merry fairies in the mythical land of THE FRANSISCO'S. good times. Then I went to sleep(something I do more often than wake up) and thus ended another life in the day of Thome!