Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hooked on a feeling

What do robots do?
What do women do too much of?
What scares me more than zombies taking over the world?
Easy, and no its not Charlie Sheen. One of my biggest fears is that we will build these cool robots and then they will take over the world. It gives me the Kelsey Grammars just thinking about it. But I've never been able to put my finger on why it scared me so much. That was until the other day when one of my friends said to me "Tomas, tu sabes ninas mayores de analizar las cosas" Vickie, You know I don't speak Spanish. So I went home and found a translator(still not sure what Wayne Bass was doing there but oh well.) So it turns out she said, "Thomas, you know girls over analyze things." And that's when it hit me, Robots analyze everything, that's just what they do. But they do it logically. And they are strong. But they don't have emotion. But girls have emotion, and lots of it. So what would happen if somehow these robots got the emotion of a female. I'll tell you what! Mother effin Armageddon that's what! We would be powerless to stop them! They would know that when we say that the game only has 15 minutes left it actually means about an hour. And that we could no longer be able to create a diversion by saying "their robotic butts looked good in those jeans" or "did you change the color of your circuiting?" And not to mention the strength they would have, we could no longer wrestle the remote out of their hands if they tried to turn on The Bachelor or Jersey Shore.
So scientists, I make this desperate plea.....Please don't give robots feelings! Please for the love of all that is good and holy don't give them feelings!