Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why I love sundays

I am copying Amy but its okay cause we are besties

Not hydroplaning off the road on the way to church.
Sacrament meeting talks by the branch president and stake president.
Gospel Principles class.
Being on missionary council.
My stake president randomly giving me a loaf of bread. It tastes good.
Pain meds that work even though my cold meds don't.
Cuddling with Baby Holland.
How Cassidy just jumps when she's excited.
Chicken nuggets.
Watching Pokemon DP because it is the only thing that calms all of the kids down.
Text conversations.
Friends on missions.
Friends who are getting ready to go on missions.
Missionaries in general.
"So I heard there were brownies."
"Are those brownies in that bag?"
"Maybe I should just always carry around brownies to give to people." "That would be a good idea."
Jordan listening to me talk about my concerns about the branch and giving advice even though council meeting was over and he probably wanted to go home.
Riding home from church with Jason.
People who share my excitement with me.
FHE and half price apps.
Church in general.

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Amy Doll said...

I hate you.

I'm not excited about coming back to Idaho.