Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mahana you ugly!

If you are a fan of the Beatles you are probably familiar with all the subliminal messages associated with their music. But I think I just stumbled across one and it.....is......HUGE! In the song "Can't buy me love" I believe Paul and John were talking about overthrowing the free market based on hard currency. Ya, I know. HUGE.
A casual listener might listen to this song and think it is about how said songwriters are in love and are wishing to express said love. To the hopeless romantics out there the simple lyric of "money can't buy me love" almost shuts down their entire nervous system leaving them in a state of complete and utter uselessness prime for the "sweeping off their feet" move. But us heartless romantics out there know something just isn't right about this. Money can and will buy you love(see pinnacle, apx, golden climax and Billie Joel). So what are you up to Sir Paul?
As we look at the lyrics, Paul offers to buy her a diamond ring, IF that would make you feel alright. He then offers to get anything, IF that would make you feel alright. But then he changes his tone a bit, he says "I don't care too much for money, cause money can't buy me love" Now here is where he interjects his radical thinking of .......THE BARTER SYSTEM! He hits you with these two lines "I'll give you all I got to give if you say you love me too" and "I may not have a lot to give but what I got I'll give to you" before you know it you are standing there with 3 goats and a used ticket to the Ed Sullivan Show while Paul and Lennon ride off into the sunset with your love. Coincidence? I think not! If you play the song backwards during the line "I may not have a lot to give but what I got I'll give to you" you can distinctly here John saying "here, take these goats"
On a side note, I really like the idea of the barter system. I mean, it did work out for Johnny Lingo.
And that is another mystery solved in the Life in the day of Thome!


KAT said...

i am now a follower. crap i thought i would never say that

Tyler said...

Thome, you're a genius. Your thoughts should be made known to all the world. You should start a "Make Thome's Blog Famous" charity. And you can either take the money and waste it on frozen custard or use it to buy an ad on google so that when anyone searches for something from "hot babes" to "world of warcraft" they will see a link to your blog.

Harpski said...


I always thought something was up with that song. yeah for radical thinking.

Darn lennon leaving us with goats! I WANT MY LOVE BACK!

Harpski said...

i just read this to my aunt; we cried.