Monday, March 2, 2009

Hellz Ya!

So hell is my new favorite word. Get over it. I really don't see hell as a swear word. I know, I know, you're saying right now but, but, but it is. And while your reasoning is bulletproof, I just don't agree. I'm not dissing heck either, just saying it doesn't always get the point across. Here are some of my favorite usages.
In agreement: "Do you want to go to Horkleys?" "Hellz ya!"
When asked to make a decision: "Ah hell, I don't know"
When speaking as English Tom Widdison: "ah bloody hell, that ref wouldn't know a yellow card from a red card if I shoved it up his fookin arse and showed him"
When someone does something that I don't understand "What in THE hell are you ......."(the emphasis on the is very, very important)
When responding no to a question "Hell no!'
Or how I say it around little kids. Example one "ah H E double hockey sticks" Example two: "Helllllllo operator I need the number for the book depository."
In church: " And woe unto the liar for he shall be thrust down to hell"
Giving directions: "Go to hell......street. mmmmmkay, and when you get there you're going to want to take a right. Don't do it, go left instead and it will be right in front of you."
When I touch something hot "HOLY HELL THAT'S HOT!"

Well those are just a few of my favorite say with the word hell. So please don't get offended if and when I use it around you.


Vickie said...

"and when you get there you're going to want to take a right. Don't do it, go left"
hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! i'm going to use this!!! LOL!!!

Jenna Lee said...

hahah well now i dont feel as guilty for saying hell as you worded it all very hellz ya to your post. however what do you think of hella? not my fav miss you tom!