Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bat out of hell part IV

A wise dinner entree once said "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that" I've always wondered what that one thing was that he wouldn't do for love and it made me want to make a list of things I would and would not do. I figure Meatloaf and I have a lot in common so I'm sure that this list will be close to his.

1. Will do - Eat meatloaf. Even if her cooking is not that good I'm sure I have had worse, so why not down it in the name of love.

2 Won't do - Eat Meatloaf. That's cannibalism brotha! Not to mention its wrong in so many ways.

3 Will do/won't do - Walk 500 miles. This one is a toss up. First why are we walking 500 miles? Is it for charity? Are there no more cars? Are we doing one of those pioneer treks? Will there be treats? I would have to say walk 500 miles is a won't do. Drive 500 miles, totally down.

4. Will do - Watch a chick flick. I could do this one in my sleep. But seriously I have learned how to sleep with my eyes open so I would just sleep through the whole movie.
5. Will do - Go shopping. But there is a time limit on this. 2 hours tops! And I can't stress this enough, you must keep me well fed or else suffer the consequences.

6. Won't do - Write you a love song. Not even if you ask for one or if you need one. I just won't write you a love song.

7. Won't do - Anything during the game.... any game.

Actually this video pretty much sums it all up.


InYourBoat said...

Want to know what I wouldn't do for love? I'll tell ya.... give up diet coke. There ain't no thang I love more than diet coke. And I'd never make anyone give up their drink of choice. Even if it's booze.

Leah said...

Don't worry Tom. Spice World has all the answers:

"In the movie Spice World, where Meat Loaf plays The Spice Girls' bus driver, there is a problem that the toilets are always clogged. When Clifford (the girls' manager) asks Meat Loaf to fix them he says, 'Listen, I love these girls, and I'll do anything for them... but I won't do that.'"