Monday, May 24, 2010

The Candy Nazi

You know those candy machines that spin. A lot of businesses have them as you walk in. The ones where you put a quarter in and get like 3 peanuts, a half of a crushed M&M, or no Mike, just Ike. Ya those ones. What is this? Nazi Germany? Oh the irony if we are rationing Good and Plenty's now. We would have to change the name to Good and That's enough.
Anyways the only thing more perplexing than this is why people continue to get duped by this infernal machine. Seriously there is a lady here at work that everyday I hear her go up, put her money in. Turn the dial and then go, OH COME ON! NOT AGAIN! Its rather entertaining. I'm not sure why she hasn't figured it out yet but as the old saying goes fool me once shame on me, fool me twice better grab some popcorn cause this is going to be entertaining. Oh crap, gotta go. I hear her digging through her change.


Vickie said...

I always get really really old M&Ms with dust on them and stuff.

Darcie said...

Who would want to even try that out? You know those things get new candy once a year at most! Oh Thome "WITTY"son your blogs are most entertaining :)

The Matlocks said...

Hahaha. So funny! I never waste my money on those things mainly because they creep my out. The candy isn't packaged and just think how many dirty little hands have touched the dispenser thing. That lady's dirty.

Carly said...

thome. you should be a stand-up comic, this blog is funnier than most of the crap on tv.
love your guts

Carly said...

i'm a mom now so my advice is MOM advice. which means it actually MEANS something. seriously.