Monday, December 1, 2008

Wayne's Wild World of College Football

The Oklahoma-Texas debate has been keeping me up lately. Don't get me wrong, if asked who I thought was the best team in the country I would say Oklahoma hands down or up. When you can hang 60 points on pretty much all of the big 12 this year you've made a great case to be called that. But Texas makes a great point also. They did beat Oklahoma at a neutral site. The score of that game doesn't matter, only that Texas did in fact win that game. So what they are saying is "how can Oklahoma be playing for the national championship and not us when we beat them?" Good question. BUT then you have Texas Tech saying if you use that logic then we should be playing for the NC cause we beat Texas. Its madness I tell you , madness. Here is what I think should be done....A Kansas City Playoff!
Kansas City Playoffs? Kansas City Playoffs? Yes I am talking about a Kansas City playoff Jim Mora. Here's the deal, First, bring the three teams in to a neutral site, then it works like overtime in college. Each team gets the ball at the 25 yard line and given a chance to score. The game goes until one team can't match the others score. Since there is three teams it would only be fair if it was double elimination. The winner then is your big 12 south champion and goes to the big 12 championship and possibly the NC. This is fair to all involved since all three have high scoring offense that have no trouble scoring and match up quite well. Of course this won't happen but it should. This isn't even a flaw with the BCS, its a flaw with the Big 12 that should have some sort of rule in place in case of a three way tie like we have instead of relying on the BCS standings to break it. So for once we can't blame the BCS.
BUT we can blame the BCS for what is most likely going to happen to Boise st. And blame we will. Boise st. is going to be punished for something that is out of their hands really. They can't control what teams are in their conference or how well the teams that they play out of their conference play year to year(keep in mind a year ago a win over Dennis Dixon and his Oregon team would look really good on their resume) they can only play the teams on their schedule. So they have done that and looked really good doing it but because they are in the WAC they most likely will be left out of the BCS bowls this year while 2 loss Ohio state will most likely get a bowl bid. Which is a shame cause I think this team is more balanced than the one two years ago that beat Oklahoma. And we all know how well Ohio st. does in BCS bowls. But maybe we could make a new bowl game that that fits teams perfectly that are in this position. We'll call it the we got screwed bowl presented by Ace hardware. That should provide some sort of comfort.


wayne bass said...

Yeah, Thome I like what you said man! I agree with you. I think it sucks for Texas that they have beaten both teams that are playing for the Big-12 championship, and a playoff style Kansas City Game type thing is really the most fair way. I say that because right now its not fair for Texas. If we settled our 3-way-tie the way the ACC and SEC does then it hurts teams like OU who have gotten better over the year. The problem is the time that it would take. And, as far as Boise State goes yeah man it sucks that Ohio State is going to get the BCS Game because of location and not rank. The BCS came through for me this year and screw you this year.

wayne bass said...

PS. Just because the BCS helped the Sooners this year I still hate the system.