Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blackout Party

As seasoned readers will know Ford and I live in the projects in D-town Rexburg. Out apt. is quite ghetto but what do you expect from the projects? Pools? White picket fences? Heat? Come on be real.
Ok so check this, last night this is what we had on that was using the the electricity. Two lights, one computer, and a set of speakers that were on but no music playing. So you would think that there isn't a huge strain on the power grid right? Wrong. I go to plug in a t.v.(that is not on so is not pulling any power) and as soon as I plug it in the outlet the lights flicker and then we are standing in darkness. No breakers popped oh and the bathroom lights still work. 15 minutes later they decide to come back on. I guess our apartment just had a mental breakdown and just needed a timeout. Ya, our apartment is cool like that, don't be jealous.


Harpski said...

I am trying really hard to not be jealous, but this is a difficult task. D-town R-burg sounds rough! I am sure that I could ever make it living like you guys do.
You're guys are so hard core. I mean you live above an Ethnic restaurant and the owner keeps trying to make you guys eat his weird fried foods. Grossssss.

Myke said...

Thome, I want to move in with you guys. I've always wanted to know how the "other half" lives, and I think living with you guys would afford me such an experience.

I like how heat is thrown into the same degree of luxurious commodity as pools and white picket fences.

Noemi said...

i enjoy reading your blog!
seriously you have not heat?