Monday, November 3, 2008

Thats all folks!

First of all I would like to apologize to everyone I came in contact with yesterday. For no specific reason other than I would like to just say sorry.

Now that THATS out of the way, I would like to state that I wish real life was like a cartoon. Not the crappy ones that kids watch today, but the classics. Like Tom and Jerry. Here's the deal, (using Tom and Jerry as the example) Tom chases Jerry non stop, he throws everything he has at him. He tries to hit him with frying pans, hammers, anvils, even a double barrel shotgun. Each time it backfires and every item gets used on him. I once saw him stick his fingers in both barrels of the shotgun and Jerry pulled the trigger! In real life you could say bye bye to your paw but not Tom. Nope, his fingers just swelled up and became big red throbbing appendages! Tom eats a tweety bird....OH NO! Right? Wrong, the tweety bird walks up into his head behind his eyes and rolls up his eyeball like a window and walks out, and THEN shuts his eye behind him.

I was able to pull three valuable life lessons from Tom and Jerry while I was watching it today.

1. First off, if the "real" world were like this cartoon, we wouldn't have murder, sickness or even Michael Vick in prison. Why you ask? Well as stated above no one gets seriously harmed by anything. Sure, someone might get eatin here or there or fall several stories or get electrocuted but there is no serious injuries. Plus no one is ever in a bad mood for long cause at the end everyone is happy and laughing at what just happened. Also we wouldn't have any animal haters cause with all these funny cats and dogs running around talking, playing pranks on each other and playing guitar no one could hate them.(also dog fighting wouldn't be bad cause they couldn't get hurt, it would just be like the three stooges.....except dogs.)

2. After re watching this i realize where my feeling of invincibility comes from. I really feel like i could get hit by a train and then be alright.

3. Animals are funny too. Seriously, I think just cause we own them doesn't mean that they don't have a sense of humor. In fact I am saddened because of this. Shoot, I bet my cat would be awesome to just sit on the couch and watch football with. I'm sure he would have all sorts of funny things to say. I bet it would be a lot like watching football with Steve.

Side notes:
I often wonder where Tom would get all those objects and how Jerry made that little bed of his.
Also one episode there was a cat with a Spanish accent chasing a Spanish mouse. Does that make them Tomas and Jorge?
And so ends another life in the day of Thome!

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Harpski said...

Oh Thome.

Tom and Jerry is a good one, but seriously, if my life were going to be a cartoon it would be like The Fairly Odd Parents (because c'mon who wouldn't want that life?) but if stickin' to the good 'ol cartoons, then it would be The Flintstones. Riding dinosaurs: YES PLEASE. Pet dinosaur: yes please!
The stupid guy that had a family that loves him and things always work out for him no matter what antics he gets into: Fred Flintstone (or was it Homer Simpson? or Tim the Tool Man Taylor? or Kings of Queens?)

seriously that would be so cool! Live in a prehistoric town with oddly modern conveniences.